A raw tuna sent directly from the fishing Fresh fish dismantling festival of the seasonport

Every Saturday evening around 6:30 pm

A day when you can eat delicious tuna!

Every Saturday evening around 6:30 pm, we are carrying out the "disassembly show of raw seasonal fish and seasonal fish" directly to the fishing port. "Tuna" freshly dismantled is exquisite. It is the real pleasure of being able to eat "Tuna no Kamatro" which can hardly be taken from one book at cheap. Raw fish direct sending fishing port tuna and seasonal fresh fish dismantling festival Raw ball tuna dismantling festival

Also holding fresh fish disassembly show of arrival on that day at the same time!


In addition to the dismantling of each tuna tuna, we also hold dismantling of fresh fish purchased from the market on that day. You may be seeing some unusual fish

※ There are places that are not carried out by stores.

● Disassembly festival of raw fish comes out in stores that can not be carried out due to the situation of landing due to the weather There are cases. Please call on us beforehand. ● There are shops where dismantling festivals of seasonal fish are not carried out.

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Rotary sushi but aim for real.

From the desire to have fresh fresh fish as much as possible, the head office is located in the "Niigata City Central Wholesale Market". Fresh raw material and vegetables purchased at the market and production area are sent directly to each store, craftsmen hold handling. In the first kitchen in the morning, the spectacle that is being chased for handling fresh fish in craftsmen's total is Aiki-sushi · Ichigi sushi every day. Shari also has no compromise, we hold what we bought directly from farmers Koshihikari from Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture.

Craftsman handling and pinching sushi

Buy fresh fish from the fish market, the kitchen is busy processing fish everyday. Sushi rolls are official! Processing of craftsmen, preparation of meals, kneading of sushi are the sushi and the sushi.

Please eat fresher ingredients, and try sushi and sushi. Every morning, fresh seafood from the Japanese Sea is bought at the “Niigata City Central Wholesale Market” and delivered directly to each store. The novel fish that cannot be found outside the market can be offered as a sushi material. We thank fisherman who fishes every day in sea which is also dangerous on rainy day.

Thanks fisherman
Appreciation farmers

From the cooperating farmhouses, Niigata prefecture boasts the beauty "Koshihikari of Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture," which is used by all stores. It is a case of making soil to eat leaves for fertilizer, and it is hung over for a year to thank for the delicious rice.


Squid (Thailand, Vietnam) Steamed shrimp (Thailand) Salmon (Chile, Norway) Salmon mayonnaise (Chile, Norway) Fried egg (Japan)


Sweet shrimp (Iceland) Octopus (Japan) Bamboo carp (Japan) Squid (Thailand, Vietnam) Blue-and-white mackerel (Norway, Japan)


Reichssee squid (Thailand, Vietnam) Yellowfin tuna (Pacific Indian Ocean) Xing Hao (China) Conch (Russia) Young salmon (Japan)


Fin meat (Russia, Iceland) Scallop (Japan) Salmon Tow (Norway, Chile)


Nanking shrimp (Japan) Tuna lean meat (Japan Pacific) Shinji (Japan) Steamed shrimp (Thailand)


Tuna in Toro (Japan Pacific) Snow Crab (Canada) Fresh shrimp (Indonesia) Boiled Starbucks (China) Three shrimps (Sweet Shrimp, Knife, New Prawn, Steamed Shrimp)


Tuna Big Toro (Japan Pacific) Tuna Fish (Lean, Zhongluo, Daluo)


Grip of fire

Squid Fin (Russia, Iceland) 260yen

炙 Salmon Toro (Norway, Chile) 260yen

Blue-and-white mackerel (Norway, Japan) 260yen

Large steamed shrimp (Thailand) 320yen Tuna Tuna (Japan Pacific) 380yen


Tuna Toro Sansei (Toro, Otoro, Extremely Large) 880yen

Shrimp Sanken

(Sweet Shrimp, Knife, New Shrimp, Steamed Shrimp) 380yen Tuna Sanken (Red, Central Otoro, Otoro) 580yen

Nanban Shrimp Sado Jinshan Sheng (Japan) Tuna Extremely Big Otola (Japan) Tuna Toro (China-Toro, Taura, and Great-Troll)


Shuji Kaori (Japan) Sencha Protein (Japan) Huang Tang (Japan) Dumplings (Japan) Natto cartons (Japan) Plum Shiso Bin (Japan) Plum Huang Tuo (Japan) Gold mushrooms (Japan)


Flower gold spear fish bamboo (Pacific Ocean / Indian Ocean)


Star eel Huang Tong Wu (Japan · Gimai University)


Buddhist colored lunar armored warra (Japan) Flying fish cavalry ship (Ikejima) Shigeru Fish warship warfare (Gimai University) Zhuan Zhuan Warship Warship Winding (Japan) 鵪鶉 Protein bean warship winding (Japan) Squid Japanese Natto Warship Volume (Japan) Natto warship roll (Japan) Tama Rice Protein Fighter Warra (Mikuni)


Arctic Shellfish Color Laser Armor Wound (Kuniorai · Japan) Japan Silver Fish Warships Volume (China)


Flower gold spear fish warship winding (Pacific Ocean / Indian Ocean)


Crab Army Capital Ship (Japan, Gimai University) Triumph fish


Self-made vegetables


Hot spring protein wheat flour Zhuo Zhuang wheat barley Bamboo chestnut sauce <Substitution> Fruit fish Donation Annin tofu


Condomini <Substitution> Izumi gonorrhea Rice cake (green tea · green soybean powder)


Special steamed bamboo protein Winged cowpea blast <2 pieces> Bamboo fish oil burst <2 pieces>




Raw fish crown <one person five species> Nozomi Requirement Request for Price.

Store belief


Kameda shop

Niigata-ken Niigata City Minami-ku Kameda Asahi 3 - 1156-1


time [all days] AM 11: 00 to PM 9: 00

Uchino shop

Niigata-shi Niigata-shi Nishi-ku Makio 22-1


time [all days] AM 11: 00 to PM 9: 00

PLANT5Yokogoshi shop

Niigata-shi Niigata-shi Kounan-ku Yokogoshicyuuou8-3-1013


time [all days] AM 11: 00 to PM 9: 00

Shibata Jōhoku-ten

Shibata-shi Jyouhoku 2-345


time [all days] AM 11: 00 to PM 9: 00

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